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Based on your performance... Get Out More.

Regardless of how much I am working, after each job I instantly start to brainstorm on ways to capture that perfect read. Sometimes it can be finding which studio hardware can give you that perfect sound. It can be figuring out how to capture the essence of what you are reading just that much more. Then, on occasion, something I often forget comes to mind. That something, is taking a break from the mad dash so many actors and entertainment professionals do on a continual, never ending cycle.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to work. It's part of me, a large part of me, and I get great fulfillment from my job. However, if we are to work all the time, and our performance is often based on life experience, we would only have other work to take from. This isn't good for any artistic medium or performance.  How can I read a spot about Coors beer if I never go out and enjoy one. How can I read a spot about Toll House cookies if I don't grab two glasses of milk and devour half a plate with a friend or loved one. How do I read a spot about what's "COMING UP NEXT!!!" if I indeed haven't taken the time to sit down and see what is ACTUALLY coming up next, other than just it's name.

I often forget to enjoy the things that life has brought me thus far. My mind sees all the others running, and I start running along side them, and many times I try to run even faster. When I stop running and remember that it's o.k. to open the door to that sound booth and walk out, or let my mind leave that set after the day has wrapped, I can rest assured, that whatever I am enjoying, other than work, will only make me a better performer, and artist.