My time in Oklahoma

I had the opportunity to work in Oklahoma for a few weeks over the course of the past few years. Nothing is quite like the Heartland of the United States. People are people. Thats it. They don’t try to put on a show of what kind of car they drive, who they know, or how they are the next big thing. They are kind hearted, with sweet smiles, friendly waves, and are always excited to talk with someone “not from around these parts”.

Many of the faces i saw were those of hard working people. Their sun drenched wrinkles, worn hands, and brawn shoulders gave it away. I was working in OK as an auto show presenter. I was giving my presentation on the latest cutting edge vehicle, and while some later told me they could never afford that $45k vehicle, out of respect, they stayed and listened to every last word I had to say.

Thanks Oklahoma for showing me what the heartland of America is all about. Sending you prayers.