Webcam 2 way video for phone patch or ISDN sessions!

After having an excellent Skype lesson today with master teacher Marc Cashman, I realized... WHY NOT have 2 way video with your director and clients during the recording session!

We all have heard those "back in the day"  stories about how people went from studio to studio for their recording sessions. They all talk of how relationships were built and the face time with their client made the job so fulfilling and fun! Well, I don't see why we can't have our cake and eat it too!

Its as easy as putting a $99 monitor, and $30 webcam in your vocal studio or booth. When the session begins, everyone can chat face to face about the spot and then get the recording underway. After the session, you can say your thank-yous, wave goodbye, and be happy knowing you not only gave them a great read, but a great smile to remember.